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It is the seventh men's perfume by YSL and the second one created by Tom Ford (who worked as the creative director for YSL at the time).The perfumers behind the fragrance are Jacques Cavallier and Alberto Morillas.Finally, females and girls are normally stuck at home in many times so girls are more addicted to use chat rooms.We are providing great opportunity for single girls to join us and spend your time.

Online Chat Rooms where you can find online free chat rooms for girls and boys.Sealed bottles are simply worth more than any current niche fragrances money is subjective when it comes to anything. In top notes it smells like a medicinal vibe and to be very precise smells like cough syrup.But for a real quality fragrance vintage first formulation M7 is in a league of its own heavily addictive and super potent. Ah, the scent that started the oud craze, LONG before all the wannabes that followed, and before those wannabes even featured the word „oud“ or „oudh“ in their names. Got it when it first came out; sexy stuff that lingered and lingered on in a slow-burning, endless glow of sweetness paired with medicinal oud. Which will get fainted but still noticeable in heart notes.My advice stop following the crowd what you regard as niche i regard as hype and zero quality you can keep your Creed's and new Tom Ford's NOTHING compares to this heavenly fragrance! This has a synthetic oud notes, a very animalic and fecal.I get hints of sandalwood which gives it a smooth sweet creamy vibe in base note which is fine. First check this fragrance do not blind buy and IMHO spending more than 100 USD on it is insane.

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