18 year olds on dating sites Sex chat cam no card no register

Back then all we got was the telephone." I can go on and on but I will stop here since this begin to look like a rant...I think a lot of us younger people use sites like this cause first of all...Back then, we don't have the internet to chat with girls.We have to actually ask for their phone number where as now, you kids have msn and email in which you can get in touch with.I think generally, we are alway look at younger people and think they have an easier times than us when we were at their ages.I could sit here and tell younger kids that "you kids have much easier time to pick up girls than we do.Of course, plenty of them also dated guys from other schools. The women were at a different campus since they tended to major in arts and social sciences.

it dosent mean that if u had a nice life when u were that age, that everyone else is.even without trying, and i'm not thrying to say i was mr.popular either, i just mean, with high school and then on to college/university...i mean it's kinda hard not to meet people of the opposite sex, right?Its more of a convenience thing than anything else I think.To be honest, no one really 'needs' a dating site like this imo.

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