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Victims of bullies are also sexually harassed more often than students uninvolved in bullying, but at similar rates as bullies (9).Overall, bully-victims are the group most at-risk for developing unhealthy romantic relationships in adolescence and young adulthood.Bullying behavior peaks before students reach high school.There is a steady increase in bullying from elementary school through middle school before declining in high school (1& 2).When examining the prevalence of dating violence, it often depends on how it is defined.The prevalence of dating violence has been found to be as low as 9% when not including verbal abuse (5) and as high as 55% (6) when including verbal abuse.

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Roughly one-third of students reported that their first experience with sexual harassment occurred in elementary school (3 & 4).As children develop into adolescents, the topography of bullying develops as well.Students begin interacting more frequently with opposite-sex peers and romantic relationships emerge.Similarly, those who have friendships marked by intimidation and coercion are more at-risk for developing unhealthy romantic relationships (10 & 11).Furthermore, those involved in dating violence are more likely to have witnessed parental violence and view violence in dating relationships as acceptable (6, & 12).

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