5 safe dating tips best online dating site in singapore

Pro tip: If you need to go to the toilet, finish your drink first.7.

Do not meet at your house or place of work Don't show your date where you live or tell them your address. Pro tip: Save the home dates until you know someone much better.8.

Do take your mobile phone Make sure your mobile phone has plenty of battery so that you can call someone if you need to.

Pro tip: Fiddling with your mobile on a first date is a definite no-no - keep it in your bag or pocket until you’ve finished or you’re in the bathroom.4.

All-in-all, online dating is not nearly as scary as some people make it out to be, but it’s still important to be prepared and vigilante.

Chances are, this new guy will be your new knight in shining armor and all of this planning will be unwarranted.

Do leave if you feel uncomfortable If you feel uncomfortable at any point, go home.

This could be something your date is saying, doing or implying.

This includes your last name, where you work, the full name of any friends or family, where you live or even places you frequent often.

Pro tip: Make your excuses and don’t feel bad about leaving a date early. Don’t leave beverages or personal belongings unattended Leaving your drink with someone you don’t know very well can lead to it being tampered with.

You should also take your handbag, phone or wallet with you if you visit the bar or bathroom.

Do communicate your plans with someone you trust Always tell someone when and where you’re going, and arrange to call or text them at a set time to confirm that everything is going well.

Pro tip: Stay discreet by taking a quick trip to the bathroom to text or call.2.

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