Abstinence during dating

I finally understood how precious my life is and for the first time I became fiercely protective of my life and of my sacred journey.The most important thing this year taught me was how to love myself truly and from there everything else flowed.Examine your priorities If you have just found out that the girl you are dating wishes to follow abstinence, then it is necessary you be honest with yourself - and her.Consider if you are willing to have a dating relationship where sex or even physical intimacy is not possible.Keep in mind that your date’s abstinence has nothing to do with you – it is probably a decision she made even before she met you.If you are a gentleman, you need to respect her beliefs – and your own needs – and move on.

I was already celibate when I met my husband and made it clear (with my words and actions) that there’d be no sex in the champagne room very early on!

In growing into a relationship with myself I learned that the foundations of any relationship are love, trust, honor, truth, faith and free will.

This relationship and time with myself gave me the chance to connect on a deeper level with my true voice, my true power and my self.

Everything that I learned, realized, overcame and experienced by keeping this promise to myself made it truly the best year of my life. I learned that I had to heal and become whole myself before I could enter a healthy relationship with another.

If you find yourself caught in a cycle of unfulfilling and destructive relationships, a similar course of action may be of benefit to you too.

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