Accommodating female and sex

AB - This paper examines the strategies developed by female correctional officers to circumvent interactional and organizational barriers to advancement in the traditionally‐male work organization of the men's prison.In a dramaturgical‐like fashion, female officers seeking to advance must moderate–strike a balance–between a series of countervailing negative sex role stereotypes.

Taking those contextual cues as evidence of consent is a dangerous path.” eople make assumptions about things like agreeing to go to someone’s house or accepting a drink as being indicators of sexual consent, but that’s problematic, because it’s not direct consent,” she explains.

Brown/AFP/Getty Images)By now, you’ve surely read or heard about the Aziz Ansari takedown piece published on Babe, a lifestyle site targeting millennial women.

And if you spend any time at all on the internet, you’ve surely heard about or read the countless think pieces that popped up in the days following the published account. (But just to make sure we’re all on the same page: A woman identified as “Grace” goes into detail about an upsetting date she had with the comedian, explaining that she has now come to understand his behavior as sexual assault.

Rather, it’s because of the murkiness between the two extremes on the “continuum” of sexual interaction — with healthy, enjoyable consensual sex at one end and rape at the other — and because people aren’t communicating well enough about what it is they want and what it is they’re agreeing to, according to Zoe Peterson, director of the Sexual Assault Research and Education Program at the University of Missouri-St.

Louis. often talk about ‘wanting’ and ‘consenting’ as the same thing, and they’re not,” Peterson tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

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