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Bend down and look through the hole and tell me what you see, Jason commanded.

I looked, "A middle aged man, looking through the hole back at us.

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He had me move back forcing the stranger's hand to release and subsequently retract to the other side.

A few years back when the wife was out of town I decided to go rent a porn vid so I could come home and jerk off.

I went to my favorite adult store north of Atlanta where I was surprised at the number people there that day.

"I knew it." He was standing really close to me, as he reached over and massaged my crotch noticing my hard cock. Up until this point very few guys other than those I had been with, knew my secret. Jason introduced himself and I told him my name was Bill. I looked around and saw on either side of the booth a good 4-5-inch hole on either side. "You are right you have not been fucked many times." He continued to his forceful exploration of my ass as he pushed his digit deep and felt around in my rectum. He took his finger out of my mouth and looked at my now fully erect penis. You are not k**ding" Jason commented when he saw my dick.

"Now all these strangers will know," I thought to myself. He told me I now had to address him as "Sir" and because I was the lucky one, I had to feed the video machine. From the shadows in each of the dimly lit booths, I could see they were both now occupied. With that he spit on my asshole and pushed his middle finger abruptly into me. He hit my prostrate and whatever discomfort was replaced with an intense pleasure centered on my prostate. He looked into my mouth then he put his middle finger deep into my throat causing me to gag a little. I closed my lips around the finger and sucked it swirling my tongue around it. He then whispered, look we are being watched through each of the holes.

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