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Other studies show that 70 % of relationships end because one has cheated. Lovers start yearning for more polarity and diversity in their relationships - especially during long-term relationships.

So People slowly look into other options and experiment with different concepts that suits their lifestyle better.

Rules can be of great help in an open relationship.

Especially when we go through intense times of emotions where the process of transformation seems unbearable.

When we are in an open relationship and have other dating partners, we have to understand that every action comes with great responsibility. Because we are still in a relationship and are not just sleeping around like a single, who does not have to care about anyone.

Also a strong trust and transparency between the couple in an open relationship is necessary in order to keep the harmony and peace.

The fire or the spark which was in the beginning very strong is lacking its potential and that’s why they developed the desire for something/someone else.

To open up and challenge the relationship a little bit, can re-inspire this spark and bring up a great attraction to one another.

It means to take full responsibility for our actions.

When we break a rule and we, for example, forget to tell our main partner that we won’t come home for the night because we stay at our other lover, we have to understand that our main partner might become angry.

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