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Sth m-o y^mnr nl day- The observance ^.f Meniorml iliiy fell in or the week, ami there wa-Tnot t"" much of h kriffi-^irit about if. U:i Sine field in history ita hercii for Ihc 'l Oth runnintf iw iiinual 500-mile Memorial tiay auto nu'e- Anicrinma -/ from the (iu Ktv hilln of Korea, whord the last Amci-- "^^Ei Tii ican fi Khtin? to Rnsto Kne and Rome ani\ Rcrliii— joined with the folkf l penoiut in Tll&Ucin, At at. l UUon*Ju;m«l.down, Hi 'lf*ll*it wnll M h Bvi Rebel Tosses I Bomb in Car, 2Men Ki Ued §jn CC6IA. May 30 IIB-A lolutrtmlsi htirled % bomb Into Olotd or British troopt lodiiy, If It Itui two »nd voundln E wlifch *M Ihroim It the Midlers wrre rctieanlnii del for Queen Ellubeth'a ly ncit m Oiith, «ft fire to the n t Uollne J*nk, The lank ei- tdindipr'iyed Ilamlns tuet ovet Kpuwruf Ti. Brucker aal''- -B Borcmmenf' official Me- mori»l day prtf B**"' or Jnwe Uam Jffl J national mllllary ceremonlw, M erf which are In Uie Unttod SUl M uf O'UM twt tn World war I «)4 II (iii J59«K.^ytlt L'cld^ alv Red Chief, . fp.-non for h Li surprl M municipal ' inri lo Belirade 'ilh Tito, 'ih'? OOO o: tha-mtn who in UKhl wliti lilm In TVance in I9«. ■Hie e.ilale's execulof, Arvld Btioembneelt, received t Jie returned Icier at lloeparum In iouthem E*fd(rj. ino'JCht mail, pcoplo In the United knew nboul Greta Oarbo," lit uid thp money was Mils Qarbo'i '! £ Maybe party people ought to try to Induce ~"l set chilli nil over.

In (vny walk o' llff-.wiliin K K s Und up and bp counted for Amcr. May 30 fl Uitaii rommunlsl leader Pal- lo Totniiii [lew home to Home pr. ^ .inerlean cemetery in Luxemboiui T *here Grn, Georsi a Patton-llea burled with B. A Idler to the ramed movie itar •I h(r Hollywood vtz it- timed lo Sweden atampcd "receiver ugpiivn In U. A." (Wit letter told her that «ho had Iraci^ted BOO Swed Lih crowni (IIGO) [nwi in uncle. It will bo distributed JJjy Democratic clubs and organizations, and »avall Bble only to those who contribute to ^Democratic campaign war chests.

nigh Uiflfider WUlarri NUon lost his chances for a no-hlt game In the eighth Inning 'HJcsday but sill." managed a thrre-hlttrr as the Bos- ton Red Sox whipped the flral-plnce Hew York Yankees 7-3. Ed Burtschy and the atubbom Kanaaa City Alhletlts Ic take a 7-4 victory In the I3lh Tues- day, scoring three times cn only one hit In tlft final Inning which wni delayed over an hour by a down- LEAGUE NATION' At. TBcbai I club lo Colcy Hall, Van- couver businessman, tor t SO. Tho aull wo* tiled In superior court In behntr of Ethc] C.

and A, Robert Miller, who snld they oa-ned 38 per cent of the stock in the Oak- land as KKls Uon. May 30 tfl - Catcher Dick Brockcll lined oul r l Oth-lnnlng alngle toc Bll Ungi Tues- day night to score Ben Slnquelldd froni second base and give the Mus- tangs a 1-3 win over Orea C Fal H.

The Electrlea couldnt come back again In their half ot the frame. 12.95 16.95 Womcn'l _ _ _95 TROUTER II Mcn'i Boot Foot - 1^ Vi CHEST-HI WADERS 10 " Men's Stocking Foo^- m ^ qi* ■ - CHESr-HJ WADERS i Q'^^ Kudsoivs Mcn'i Over-Shoe HIP-LENGTH WADIRS Men'i WADING SHOES ^-EDNESDAY, MAY SO, 195e V PAGE FOURTEEK Plan Readied For New West German Fleet , BOJW, Otnatar.

Ycul Uvo at «8 Fourlli The new a.u Litant Jir of the cliurch tlini marked lt.i Soill.annl- vorsary last year^ls a former ndver- mnniiiier of Uie Gattr Ct! he also held a post as public rrlaliona director ' Goodwill Indu-ilrles. He Is a Mason and hn.i been, aclivc In recrealionnt and sports oc Uvllics.' ^ Richfield Reports On Trips, Jaunts RICHFIELD, May 30 — Mr, nnd Mrs. But It ts stripped ot moat of the iother features which made that flrut bill so Sobjectlonable to the Whlta House. 2 The administration disapproves this change Hbut the President has had enough deallngii •with congress to reallie that few mcasurcj Cwhlch ccme to his desk are Ideal from the g'Whlte Home viewpoint. Elsenhower had asked that the soil Ibank plan be set forth In a manner that •would allow advance payments .

More t Jian half of America's U million people over fl S years old have some form of public or private retirement Income available. ' • ne 11 wn.i «l a.i Uie date Joint nipellni; with ilic Jay-C-Eilcs Ihe ciiy hall, Pliin-i were made thn board of directors meet m Wendell diirlnf Tauly. John Harms, Tlie project will Include the collec- tion of ahrubs, trees flowers, bulb.i, etc., to bo Blveii lo Uio new Jielih- bors In Uie Rupert area. ol Salt Lake City lo be a Jiiili;r ot llic loth circuit court of niii M'n Iii. Owen Aii RCiibrond rrreivrd the blue pencil and eup for the be Improved spriiker nnd Ofoisr JJrii was awarded Uic blue peiictl for the best Iwo minute speaker.

Castro Valley, Calif., are v Uilina her parents, Mr. A Rovernment announcement (lie colonial orrice rerused lo aider hia proposals for a Malaynn Rovemor General for Singapore and to Iranafer Jurisdiction over Slnsa- pore to another mlnlstri". Fteenian, Merle Trrry nnd Arnold Runyon at nei'liii R at. nip Jnycees will spo conce.-iini M with the Jny-C-Etlesand 11 chnllc URc It Gnince to a snme of Mllball. Prlies 111 be Riven nway at 3 p, m, Satur- ay at the Ilrcmcn'a park on thi nrner of Main and Idaho strecta lonatioiu to the project may bi made by contac Une any Jaycei member, 'Opcrnt loir, IVc Icorae Nelglii Kir' will be directed by Dr. Ralph' Miller, Leading Athletes Join Marine Corps Utah Judge Gets Court Post Okay WASHINGTON, May 30 LP — A "aeiinte Juillciary (Ubwinmltlre ap- proved Tuesday the iinmliinlloii of District Jud Re Dnvfd T. llie l Otli circuit Inc Iu Uci ihe a talcs of Cotoraito, Nciv Me M.-o. Wyomln E, Utah anil pmt of Oklahoma, Graham's Record Played for Meet A phoiio Rraph recunl by. , a niirclal event Monday iil Rht by Donald Bailey nl the Perrlne Tonslni.n: meetlii R.

fonner bpenlor of Ihe Oakland club which wu tnuu- f erred to Vancouver. L (Bricki Laws, president of (he Oak- land assoclnllon, and directors Ed- ward Downer, Jr, and Joe Blumen- :fcld. i-Tiun.t Kll Lki I (M Nmll..-WWt Smta " s'b'p't R^s '-n. The clout, coming alter both Slnauedcld and Bon Ocorge had singled, broke Up a came (ha!

Handicap Doesn't | Hamper Hitting BIIRBVETORT, La, Uly Ken Ouetller, who can't ttttifn baseball without his glsso a needs a 3G-lnch bat to nsd bail witli his crooked right uku I three homers and baited la ilinil Monday night aa Shrevepcrt kttl Tulsa U-S In a Texas leiiwpa B The Shreveport slugger al H n iht M homera In an earlj ta gome and has 31 so tar. MOnt, Ui J X f-U Track and field sisrs Irom E^l Big Seven snd Paclllc Oitt ftrcnco schools have tnu| second Montana AAU mnt day at'Dorblaser field. was pushed Into Uie extm Inning by Oreal Palls' two-run tally In the bottom ot (he ninth. 5t MIDNIGHT to Accommodate Fishermen Manhattan Cafe "SHOSHONE IDAHO Fishing Season Opens Monday Get Your Fkhing BOOTS and WADERS AT HUDSON'S Men's Trouter — HIP LENGTH BOOTS Regular Ankle Cleat Sole ^ With FELT SOLE .

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