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I've read many times over the years that Mac OS X performs housekeeping/janatorial tasks "overnight" from time to time, but I never leave my Mac on overnight. Is there perhaps one of these "housekeeping" tasks that has never been performed, and that should be, that might solve the problem?If so, how do I force these tasks to be performed immediately, to see if that helps? Hi Diamond Dave, Let me preface my reply with the fact that I am not that knowledgable about error problems but I wanted to suggest that you look toward Apache as the problem.of all my browsers, both within the browsers themselves, and by using Intego Washing Machine 1.1 (which comes free with Intego Net Barrier 5). I've verified the boot HD, and no problems were found.I've rebooted the Mac from my Alsoft Disk Warrior 4.0 CD and successfully run "Repair Disk Permissions" and "Check All Files & Folders" on all my hard drives, including the boot disk, and I've successfully rebuilt & replaced the directories on all the drives.He also dismissed my theory that my ISP might be blocking access for some reason.On the day I first emailed him (Sunday), he told me that there had been over 700,000 successful logins, and that I was the only person to contact technical support that day saying that I couldn't gain access.Smoke's FAQ found at: I can't be of anymore help than that, Hi again Diamond Dave, You may find some explanation of Apache's relation to the error in this link: Like I say, I'm not the most knowledgable to explain such things.

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I doubt running the cron scripts will help (the scripts that are run during the nightime hours when your computer is awake) but you can run these by following the directions in Dr.He tells me that "The error page actually resides on your machine so the src isn't important" even though the colour scheme of the error page matches every other error page on Chatropolis!I now suspect that the problem lies in the part of the Mac OS which is activated when certain types of pages on the internet are accessed, whichever browser makes the call - some deep part of the OS that is normally invisible to the user, and has to function normally for certain types of internet access to take place.Nothing was installed or removed prior to the problem occurring.If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be very grateful.

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