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On Chiloé Island also in the south, a distinct chilote culture emerged over the centuries from a relatively harmonious blending of Indian and Spanish backgrounds; this culture is characterized by rich traditions of music, dance, and mythological tales.Some two thousand miles off the coast of Chile lies the remote Eastern Island, which is inhabited by twenty-eight hundred native islanders who still keep alive many of their Polynesian cultural traditions.In Eastern Island the two thousand native inhabitants speak their own language of Polynesian origin.

The high Andes peaks constitute its natural frontier with Bolivia and Argentina.Between the huge Andes Mountains (to the east) and the lower Coastal mountains (to the west) is the great Central Valley, which extends from Salamanca, north of Santiago, for over 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) south to Puerto Montt.The country has a total area of 292,260 square miles (756,950 square kilometers). Chile has a longitude of 2,650 miles (4,265 kilometers) making of it one of the longest countries in the world.Since the late nineteenth century, both the northern and southern regions have been mainly populated by people coming from the central region, helping to strengthen the country's cultural homogeneity.Notwithstanding the existence of a strong dominant national culture, some cultural regional traditions can be identified.

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    Everything within this cold and dark room reinforces the fact that the father was an obsessive miser: His portrait above the fireplace portrays him counting money, while hidden coins are dislodged from a crack in the wall by the workman's hammering.