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Appuntamento venerdì 9 e venerdì 23 marzo alle 17.30 al centro culturale «Paolino d'Aquileia» di Udine (via Treppo n° 5/B*).«Con gli ultimi di Buenos Aires»: quest'anno la campagna quaresimale promossa dal Centro Missionario diocesano ci ricorda di un gemellaggio lungo più di mezzo secolo, quello che unisce la Diocesi di Udine con quella di San Martin, nella capitale argentina.

Generally, however, the climate is warm and temperate, particularly in the major coastal cities.

The flora and fauna in Australia are unique among the plants and animals around the world.

The Wesleyan Methodist Church has appointed Steve as a chaplain to Christian singles, through the vehicle of Club Solo.

His wife, Michelle, who is a Bookkeeper, also brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the ministry team. Club Solo has a team of dedicated staff supporting this ministry, including ministers, counsellors, and other professionals.

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