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” Watch: As far as comedy is concerned, David’s problem wasn’t deciding to tell a joke about the Holocaust on — it was telling a Holocaust joke that many people didn’t find particularly funny.

The Short Version: By naming a child, parents create the first piece of his or her identity.

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Plus, visitors can look up surnames on the site — in case there’s a debate about whose name to take when married or which surname to pass along to a son or daughter.

“Picking a name is important because your child is going to bear it for a lifetime,” said Mike Campbell, Founder of Behind the Name.

Not five feet from their car was the word Travis in yellow spray paint. If the internet had been around when my parents were battling it out over Ashton versus Travis, my dad could’ve looked up the names and discovered that Travis was actually the 49th most popular name in 1986.

Ashton, significantly less common, was ranked 548th in the US.

My dad wanted the name Travis, after the main character in “Old Yeller.” My dad thought Ashton was too uncommon a name, and my mom thought Travis was too depressing a reference.It’s a lifelong gift, and it’s important to get it right.Behind the Name has fun and informative resources to assist people searching for the perfect name.Behind the Name, a useful website for soon-to-be parents, is a comprehensive database of names from all around the world.The site delves into any given name’s etymology, history, meaning, and popularity, all well-organized for easy browsing.

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