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Problems and complaints should always be addressed to a moderador who will look into the matter and deal with it efficiently and fairly.Our members who post in the Spain Forums are friendly and helpful with a wealth of knowledge of the issues of living in Spain.I know a lot of people like to run down the British higher education system, but I'd like to see some hard evidence that Spanish degrees are actually harder than British degrees.Just because Spanish degrees take longer to complete doesn't mean they're actually more challenging intellectually.Hopefully things will look at bit better by the time you are fully trained and you have the big advantage of being bilingual which will help you get a place in the many bilingual public schools Thank you for your reply.

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If anything the 5 year degree sounds like a money-making racket to keep the money rolling in from the government as long as possible.A few years later, I moved to Spain and began the process of convalidating my studies.I combined my English Literature degree with my PGCE and applied for the licenciatura en filosofía inglesa (4 year degree).As I mentioned in my original post, I am currently completing the extra modules to gain a Spanish degree.I only have to complete three extra modules; History of English, Spanish Literature and the Spanish language.

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