Cosmogenic burial dating

Our main point will be that the method relies on a thorough understanding of the geologic situation in advance of site selection and sample collection. 19Advances in the Chronology, Correlation, and Stratigraphy of Pre-Wisconsinan Glacigenic Sediments Branson Convention Center: Cooper Creek PM- PM, Monday, 12 April 2010Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. Permission is hereby granted to the author(s) of this abstract to reproduce and distribute it freely, for noncommercial purposes.

However, there are a lot of other nuclide pairs that could potentially be used for this purpose.

There are really two reasons one might want to use a different nuclide pair — first, one can’t find quartz; second, the new nuclide pair would give a more precise age in the time range of interest.

Because it’s pretty rare not to be able to find quartz, the second reason — potentially reduced uncertainty or a wider age range — is really the key reason to think about burial-dating with other nuclide pairs.

All other forms of reproduction and/or transmittal are prohibited without written permission from GSA Copyright Permissions.

This post is about cosmogenic-nuclide burial dating, and how to make it better.

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