Cost for updating electrical system

This subpart prescribes the cost and price negotiation policies and procedures for pricing negotiated prime contracts (including subcontracts) and contract modifications, including modifications to contracts awarded by sealed bidding. When obtaining data from the offeror is necessary, unless an exception under 15.403-1(b)(1) or (2) applies, such data submitted by the offeror shall include, at a minimum, appropriate data on the prices at which the same or similar items have been sold previously, adequate for evaluating the reasonableness of the price.

As used in this subpart— “Price” means cost plus any fee or profit applicable to the contract type. (B) Cost data to the extent necessary for the contracting officer to determine a fair and reasonable price.

(iii) The Government shall not disclose outside the Government data obtained relating to commercial items that is exempt from disclosure under 24.202(a) or the Freedom of Information Act (5 U. However, if the contracting officer has reason to believe exceptional circumstances exist and has sufficient data available to determine a fair and reasonable price, then the contracting officer should consider requesting a waiver under the exception at 15.403-1(b)(4).

The threshold for obtaining certified cost or pricing data is 0,000.

This requirement does not apply when unrelated and separately priced changes for which certified cost or pricing data would not otherwise be required are included for administrative convenience in the same modification.

Negotiated final pricing actions (such as termination settlements and total final price agreements for fixed-price incentive and redeterminable contracts) are contract modifications requiring certified cost or pricing data if— (A) The total final price agreement for such settlements or agreements exceeds the pertinent threshold set forth at paragraph (a)(1) of this subsection; or (B) The partial termination settlement plus the estimate to complete the continued portion of the contract exceeds the pertinent threshold set forth at paragraph (a)(1) of this subsection (see 49.105(c)(15)).

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(a) (1) In those acquisitions that do not require certified cost or pricing data, the contracting officer shall— (i) Obtain whatever data are available from Government or other secondary sources and use that data in determining a fair and reasonable price; (ii) Require submission of data other than certified cost or pricing data, as defined in 2.101, from the offeror to the extent necessary to determine a fair and reasonable price (10 U. Requests for updated offeror data should be limited to data that affect the adequacy of the proposal for negotiations, such as changes in price lists. In establishing the reasonableness of the offered prices, the contracting officer— (1) Shall obtain certified cost or pricing data when required by 15.403-4, along with data other than certified cost or pricing data as necessary to establish a fair and reasonable price; or (2) When certified cost or pricing data are not required by 15.403-4, shall obtain data other than certified cost or pricing data as necessary to establish a fair and reasonable price, generally using the following order of preference in determining the type of data required: (i) No additional data from the offeror, if the price is based on adequate price competition, except as provided by 15.403-3(b). Contracting officers shall— (a) Purchase supplies and services from responsible sources at fair and reasonable prices.“Subcontract” (except as used in 15.407-2) also includes a transfer of commercial items between divisions, subsidiaries, or affiliates of a contractor or a subcontractor (10 U. (3) Obtain the type and quantity of data necessary to establish a fair and reasonable price, but not more data than is necessary. (ii) Data other than certified cost or pricing data such as— (A) Data related to prices (, established catalog or market prices, sales to non-governmental and governmental entities), relying first on data available within the Government; second, on data obtained from sources other than the offeror; and, if necessary, on data obtained from the offeror.

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