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The church is called the body of Christ, the family of God, the people of God, the elect, the bride of Christ, the company of the redeemed, the communion of saints, the new Israel, among others.

The New Testament word for church, from which we get the word ecclesiastical, means "those called out." The church is viewed as an assembly or gathering of the elect, those whom God calls out of the world, away from sin and into a state of grace. Augustine called "a mixed body," it is necessary to distinguish between the visible church and the invisible church.

It is the duty and privilege of every Christian to be united to the church of Christ.

It is our solemn responsibility not to neglect the gathering together of the saints in corporate worship, to be under the nurture and discipline of the church, and to be actively involved as witnesses in the mission of the church. Just as a human body is organized to function in unity by the coworking and codependence of many parts, so the church as a body displays unity and diversity.

Not all of those who honor Christ with their lips honor Him with their heart as well.

It is the task of the elect to make the invisible church visible. The church is holy because it is sanctified by God and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

The church refers to all the people who belong to the Lord, those who have been purchased by the blood of Christ.

Various other images and expressions are also used to define or describe the church.

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