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He also served as the Secretary of the Madras Mahajana Sabha for sometime..

He was arrested in 1932 for conducting India's independence day celebrations and spent six months in prison.

His father died when he was five and Bhaktavatsalam was brought up by his uncles started the daily newspaper India which he managed till 1933.

He was the Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Congress Civic Board during the district board and municipal elections of 19.

She was the Vice-President of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee from 1957 to 1962, and the Chairman of the State Social Welfare Board from 1957 to 1964.

Ambujammal was a notable scholar in Hindi and Tamil. In 1964 Ambujammal won the padma shri born on 9 October 1897 to C. Kanakasabhapathi Mudaliar of Minjur and Mallika of Nazarethpet village, Poonamallee, Chennai.

She was arrested and sentenced to six months of imprisonment.

Early on in her life, she was fascinated by Gandhiji’s ideas, especially his constructive socio-economic program.

Bhaktavatsalam served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Local Self-Government in the day, 2 October 1963, Bhaktavatsalam took office as the Chief Minister of Madras, after Kamaraj resigned to spend more time as an office bearer of the Congress Party under K Kamaraj plan.

Bhaktavatsalam is, till date, the last Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from the Indian National Congress.

On behalf of the WIA, she was nominated to the Madras Corporation.

In 1947, during the All-India Women’s Conference in Madras, she was nominated as the Chairperson of the reception committee.

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