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Women usually attended synagogue, for example, on the Sabbath and the holidays.

Technically, however, a physical barrier of over four feet or so (ten handbreadths) suffices, even if the men can see the women, though it is not preferable.

The Torah relates that both Israelite men and Israelite women were present at Sinai; however, the covenant was worded in such a way that it bound men to act upon its requirements, and to ensure that the members of their household (wives, children, and slaves) met these requirements as well.

In this sense, the covenant bound women as well, though indirectly.

This was due to a mistaken opinion in her father's personal philosophy that she had until then accepted. Women generally did not own property except in the rare case of inheriting land from a father who didn't bear sons.

Even "in such cases, women would be required to remarry within the tribe so as not to reduce its land holdings".

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