Dating and marriage in costa rica

Hopefully the next president will be more “gay friendly.” President Chinchilla certainly is not.Shannon says: Women have a right to vote and hold jobs.Types of Men Shannon says: Macho dominant men who expect you to cook and breed their seed. The bigger cities have more nightlife options but not being much of a party girl myself I have had no drawbacks living as an out gay woman in Costa Rica.Costa Rica does not recognize our union, but at the same time they don’t try to change us.In a small mountain town it’s cooler so dress accordingly.There is no concern to cover your legs or wear skirts and dresses.

On the other hand, there are more women than men currently enrolled in most of the country’s universities, though it is still common for women to give up their studies or careers once they marry.

Be aware, however, that dressing skimpy in small towns will cause you to stand out.

Officially speaking, women and men in Costa Rica enjoy absolute equality.

Birth Control Shannon says: Birth Control is legal and found abundantly in pharmacies across the country.

You can purchase the Depovera shot, a one month shot, and yasmina (yaz, which was pulled by the FDA in the US). Gynecologists Shannon says: There are gynecologists, mostly found in larger cities (i.e. Small towns often bring in a gynecologist once every few months for a day of appointments.

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