Dating checklist park geon hyeong dating

Since I’m not much of a dater, I don’t usually go out with a guy unless I really see potential. There’s a few things (like two dozen) that I always have at the forefront of my mind, but most of it is just like a completely casual, non-emotional stunting, mental pro-con list. Just the men who think that’s possible for the rest of us. I think they may be shorter lists and lists change upon circumstances (i.e. I would hope to be qualified similar to how I qualify men. Lisa: Absolutely – and I’m sure like ours, their lists have evolved as they’ve gotten older.Numero uno: If you send me a d**k pic, it’s getting posted on the internet along with your number. My friend Jameson is always the voice of reason when I’m out in da’ clubs (I hate myself), and keeps it super real and is usually like, “Bro, that dude only kind of looks like he might have a little meth in his eye. If they haven’t, they’re probably not someone you’d want to be with anyhow. Their lists are created by their penises, and women create our list with our hearts. In fact, I think men have a variety of lists for different circumstances.In any case, the following ideas may help you to make your checklist.Choose Your Battles Because there is no one alive who is truly perfect, remember that sometimes you will wind up taking the good with the bad.

If you hold out for someone who is perfect then you may be alone for a long time.This is the downside of online dating – you end up judging people on information that would probably be secondary in the real world. Seriously, that’s so superficial and ridiculous, but I could never spend the rest of my life with someone who’s a bad kisser, or isn’t that into it. However, the more experience I have, the more I “mentally” make a checklist of what I would and wouldn’t like in a future relationship.If I had to pick five non-negotiables, I’d say someone whose values are similar to mine, is kind and funny. I think all of the men I’ve dated have had met some of my criteria, but not all. If I were to write out such a list, it would probably include qualities such as driven, respectful, trustworthy, family-oriented, fun, intelligent, and so on.My longest relationships were with people who met the value-based criteria. I don’t have any “out of the ordinary” requirements, but I do know what I do and don’t want in a relationship.The shortest and/or most confusing relationships were with those that gave me butterflies and were good kissers. I do have some things that are important to me that I don’t want to waiver on, but I don’t have an actual “list” like I did when I was younger. Because my requirements stop me from going out with drug dealers or Packers fans. I would say my list has most likely grown as I’ve gotten older.

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