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I think the majority of people on the dating sites are just looking for hookups (I am not being negative, just the cold hard facts). This meant that we started with coffee or some other shorter date and progressed to dinner and activity dates.

Rarely did they make any type of inappropriate comment or advance. I have had one guy within 30 seconds of an initial IM start asking inappropriate questions and my mother was reading over my shoulder!

I got a bad tast in my mouth after that 2 week stint. dated online and met a guy that she has been with for about 5 years now and is married too, who is a wonderful, successful, good looking guy.

So I know good things can happen, but I’m still a bit leary about how to go about it when I’m not going for the sex only part.

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We therefore focus on the styles, fabrics, prints and designs that women and men in those age categories seem to prefer.

I had several get onto my yahoo e-mail while I was online wanting to chat. I would ask for one and they always had some excuse as to why they didn’t have one, like I just joined today. Wanted to know if I had a cam and some dirty pictures.

I said no and signed off and immediately went to Yahoo Personals and discontiued my one month membership that I had only been a part of for 2 weeks. I did notice that DG has her recommended dating online sites and I may try one of those eventually.

My profile talks about my committments to church and family, and gives no unintended clues that I am looking for a easy sexual relationship, but that doesn’t seem to matter in this “anything goes” society we live in today.

As for how I deal with them, it may sound “old fashioned” but I come right out and get indignant and say “What kind of woman do you think I am???

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