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When the New York Times asked him about his indiscretion, he said "To me, what I do with the students here in the university is a private matter, and it's something I won't comment on."This same jerk called a press conference to announce that he was thinking about taking a job with the Lakers.

One thing that isn't publicized is that the same job had been offered to Roy Williams three times. Because Roy Williams has didn't call a press conference.

Forget about classifieds ads, enjoy either w4m or m4w dating on Do ULike and seek your local singles easily.Workers in professional environments don't have to be berated and emasculated to be part of a team because they're paid.Coach K can never deal with that, which is why the only thing he'll touch is the Olympics.(Never mind that when Coach K left for the season with a back injury and the team wasn't as good, they decided to sit at home.) Between Vitale and Billy Packer, an aptly-named commentator of dubious talent, CBS heads up the assault of pro-Duke propagating.Some smaller players like the ACC sports journal are aware of what's happening.

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