Dating dokkum

The northern side-aisle was added in the late-16th century and has round-topped windows.

For the construction of this side-aisle stones were used of the abbey-church that was demolished in 1589 as a result of the Reformation, and that had been standing next to this church.

They argue the character is racist because it comes from the 19th century children's book ' St.

Nicholas and His Servant' - in which he is described as a Black Moor from Spain.

With longer integrations (50-100h), foreground star removal and modest binning the Dragonfly Telephoto Array is capable of probing structures with surface brightnesses below 32 mag/arcsec^2.Boniface, who had been murdered nearby in the year 754.Originally it was a one-aisled building in Gothic style.Controversially, the event is so commonplace that the majority of Dutch people see dressing up as the character as harmless.Polls across the Netherlands show strong support for keeping Black Pete a part of the festivities, with 85 and 90% saying they want him to stay.

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