Dating farmall tractors

It’s a beauty of a tractor, and the happy memories of riding it with my grandpa make it all the more special.

I’m sure many of you feel the same way about a special tractor that belonged to someone you care about.

My app, Tractor Guide, and plenty of written guides, like what’s in the Steiner catalog or in other books, can match the year with the serial number.

When you add 9 to 1930, you get 1939 – the year of our sample tractor’s manufacture.Farmall and IH tractors have dates cast right into key parts that indicate their precise dates of “birth” (or rather, the date the parts were cast in the foundry).Of course, most parts would be seasoned for several weeks before being machined and assembled into a tractor – making the actual manufacture completion date of a tractor a month or so after the parts were cast.A Super H or Super HV will start with "SH", but will otherwise be similar.Just look up the serial number in the table below to find the year.

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