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American adults are getting married at an older age and few of us are bothering to even do so.All of this leaves more time to add a few notches above the bedpost.However, it is by no means clear that millennials are more restrained in their sexual behavior.One of the first complicators: millennials are more likely to participate in casual sex, perhaps partially proving the penchant for hook-ups.“This data indicates that millennials are more likely to report having casual sex than earlier generations, jumping from 25 to 38 percent having ever engaged in casual sex,” Wells tells the Daily Beast.She also suggests that the generation that has been accused of being narcissistic, self-entitled, and overly confident, may simply be using that bravado to brush off outside sexual pressure.They wouldn’t get swept up in a “free love” movement because they do not care enough about what others think of them. I’m going to make my own choices,” is how Twenge characterizes the millennial attitude.American adults who had sex with a friend jumped from 54.2 percent in the 1995-1999 cohort to 70.8 percent in the 2000-2004 cohort (and has held steady around 68 percent since).“It could be that instead of having non-committed sex with lots of partners, they could be having non-committed sex with a shorter list.

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Perhaps, with a little help from their friends.“I think ‘friends with benefits’ is considered in that casual sex number,” Wells says.Among Boomers surveyed in the early 1970s, 47 percent said premarital sex was “not wrong at all.” Sixty-two percent of millennials said it is “not wrong at all.”Unsurprisingly, millennials are also far more accepting of same-sex relations, with 56 percent voicing unqualified approval, compared to 26 percent of Gen X’ers in the early 1990s and 21 percent of Boomers in the early 1970s.The big conclusion: even though millennials are more the most sexually tolerant generation, the number of people they have sex with does not match a free love mentality—at least in the most black-and-white view.“For most people, that [the question] probably includes anal and vaginal sex.It may not include oral sex.”“In our culture, there was a time when the president suggested that oral sex wasn’t sex, and that is still with us, to some degree,” psychologist Geoffrey Michaelson told ABC News in 2012. But she ultimately believes that millennials may be reining in the number of sexual partners.

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