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To get to the other side, of course." To get a laugh, visit a website such as Funny, where you can learn plenty of riddles and brain teasers that will warrant either a giggle or groan.Some riddles involve a little more brain power and thought, and may even have deep solutions. These thought-provoking riddles may use allegories or philosophy as part of their constructs.Most people tend to overthink this sort of problem (Lure him there with salmon? ) so the "simple" answer is a startlingly humorous surprise.Who could deny the beauty and pure riddle essence of classics like: "Why did the chicken cross the road?After you have challenged some young minds, allow them time to create their own riddle-poems and see if you can guess their creations.Use examples of riddles to inspire you to create treasure hunt clues, birthday cards or even fun games for adults or children.Some of us have the sort of witty mind that can easily think up a riddle for a game or get together.The rest of us need a little help, which is where examples of riddles come in handy.

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Also, my wife became mother-in-law of her father-in-law.Below are some great samples to use for inspiration, as well as ideas for places to try them.There are plenty of terrible riddles out there, from guessing games to knock-knock jokes you’ve heard a thousand times.The most difficult part of a good riddle is finding it in the first place, but thanks to the Internet, it is now easier than ever before.There are plenty of riddle books available at your local library or bookstore, however when you need a riddle quickly, the computer is often the best place to go.

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