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And, given that boomer divorce rates are on the rise, increasing numbers of parents are likely to experience disapproval from their adult kids when Cupid’s arrows land.

The other says he’s boring and that she’d rather be with interesting people.” Lieberman says: “Anne needs to realize that this is probably an expression of her children’s fear or jealousy.” Her advice: Acknowledge their feelings and try to talk it out, or, if they’re not willing or mature enough, to learn to live with it and minimize stressful family get-togethers until they are.6 Tips to Ease the Transition With a New Partner Life with kids is never easy, even when they’ve grown up and moved out.Sometimes there are psychological reasons for an adult child resisting a parent’s new love life.For instance, a young woman may be especially sensitive when her father forms a serious new relationship.Money-talk avoidance seems to be more common among the wealthy, but the taboo exists across all economic classes.Fanning the flames, perhaps, was the recent buzz over a study suggesting many boomers didn’t feel they owed their children an inheritance.

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