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During the Civl War, after the bloody battle of Wilson's Creek, in 1861, the Confederates held the area until the Union forces drove them out in 1862 and held the town until the end of the war. Route 66 is a State Historic Scenic Byway in Missouri and this includes Greene County; it is pending Federal designation as a Byway.

The railway (Atlantic and Pacific Railroad) reached Springfield in 1870 and set up a station 1.5 mi. Click on the following link for an overview of Route 66 across the state of Missouri.

Conan O’Brien served as a writer and producer for the show in the early 1990s, and has featured the voice talents of everyone from Steve Buscemi, Stephen Hawking, Glenn Close, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, to Simon Cowell.

In the sixth season of South Park, blundering fourth-grader Butters’ alter ego Professor Chaos comes up with a series of plans to take over the world, only to find that those plots have already been exhausted by the Simpsons.

Please notify the Treasurer's Office in writing of any change in the mailing address by completing the Change of Address Form and submitting it to: Stephen T.

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