Dating insecure men

If the answer is yes, he is pretty insecure and still believes you are attached to them.

He might even pick up a gift given by your ex and look for your reaction.

Does he often complain about you neglecting the relationship and you keep wondering how?

If he takes you on such regular guilt trips, its time to think.

The most dangerous situation is when he had many friends earlier, and he has ended being with all of them just to spend all his time with you.But, despite all the maddening signs, it can be cured. It can only be cured when the person suffering from it accepts that he is insecure and wants to stop acting this way. Initial days of courtship are all about cuddles, closeness and gluing to each other in every possible way.The alarming sign is when your partner continues to do so, and you start getting uncomfortable and feel it's getting clingy.There may be two implications: either he is trying to build up a comfort zone, or he is getting insecure.While the former is good news, the latter is a sign of danger.

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