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Oh though 45, why can't every amp sound as sweet as you? the circuit is orig w/ fresh filter caps, new power IEC input jack. Although the blue is a recone, it was done quite a while back with the proper celestion 1777 cone and is now well broken in...

Seriously though, killer tone via RS transformers and KT66 GZ34 tubes. One changed knob but the good news is it's an early April 1970! it looks and feels correct and sounds very nice in combination indeed. This is probably the biggest sounding 2x12 I've heard...

Scam Cash had a pair of 50-watt B-stocks for 9 and I was about to pull the trigger on one. well i guess the 800 could go in this] and the Orange wins hands down on every tone every time with the OD's we are laying down right now. or you can put like a Big Muff [original or Pi] and get a super lead tone.

The 900's are crap IMHO, at least all of the dual channel ones I've played. yuktyy I recently recorded a young high school band, and both the guitar player's parents bought them brand new Mesa Boogie half stacks. the 800 doesnt even get turned on anymore after getting smoked time after time. I'm getting my Sound City 120 worked on right now and it'll be back to 100% in about a week. the 800's just have WAY too much top end and NO BALLS.

Tolex, cloth, logo are original and in fantastic shape. Mind boggling super early red block logo Marshall JTM45 head w/ matching cab! This vintage Celestion alnico dates (I believe) to April, 3 1967 and sounds superb.

Amp and cab are all original and are in rare smooth levant.

Getting an old Plexi was out of the question due to pricing and the fact that they're tempermental as hell. its some weird active EQ, like when they are on ZERO, the band fully cuts out all together.

I had recorded and played through the 2000's a few times and really liked the DSL which sounds much fatter and more focused then the TSL. right now i have a sound city 120, a vht pitbull50, a orange OD120, an 800 [and a couple ****ty amps... What kind of stuff do you find yourself using it on? its what townsend used to use before hiwatt [its what hiwatt became]. i plug into the sound city and its JIMI for daze like onaxis. i use it for clean sounding stuff to kinda gritty stuff.

Power tube sockets and indicator were changed but otherwise it's all there. This chassis was recently pro built and uses the very best! This PA head was made for the German market due to licensing restrictions for Marshall but is not just plexi goodness... This vintage slant cab houses 4 Celestion G12M T1511 25w speakers w/ '4' bass cones.Personally I think it's bad because I like the EL34 midrange bite in a Marshall.I have 6L6's in my Dual Rectifier and Carvin X100B if I want that kind of sound.Also, there is a book called the "history of Marshall" or something like that and it has a lot of good info on up to the 900's, including S/N's. Well, the next ones I saw had insane (IMHO) pricetags on them.I used to see them for 0-450 and all of a sudden they were double that plus.

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