Dating site for single parents of handicapped children effectiveness of online dating sites

It also featured in The Undateables, and it is clearly evident from the series that support can enable people with learning disabilities to form relationships.

And success is not only measured by a successful date but by the confidence that individuals gain by going on a date, too.

This also goes for people with learning disabilities, and for it to happen their sexuality must be acknowledged.

Online meeting places for the disabled are becoming more common and some are perfect for developing true relationships.

I interviewed 16 women with mild to moderate learning disabilities who were members of Stars in the Sky, a pioneering dating agency that you might recognise from the Channel 4’s Undateables. The social networks that many people take for granted are often restricted for people with learning disabilities and they find it hard to engage or access social activities where they can meet people and possibly form relationships.

The challenge, however, is getting the right support. But there should be a balance between protecting people from abuse and enabling them to get into relationships, otherwise people are denied their right to do so.

Special dating agencies can enable people with learning disabilities to find relationships and broaden their social networks.

The decade has seen a growth of friendship and dating groups for people with learning disabilities, including Heart Venture, Luv2meet U and matesndates.

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