Define dating scripts

The theory is linked to the wider development of social constructionism on the socially created nature of social life.Social construction is important to sexual script because sexual scripts can come from how a child is raised through the beliefs of social construction.Similar to scripts that stage actors use to guide their behavior, social scripts instruct members of a society as to appropriate behavior and the meanings to attach to certain behaviors." Social scripting theory directly relates to sexual scripts as it is just a specified example regarding sexual encounters and sexual behavior in social context.Social theory is also a useful resource in determining the construction of social scripts.Sexual script is also believed to have different scripts for males and females in relation to sexual activity.

There may be several people involved in the same situation, but they may differ in the roles that they have been given or have chosen to enact.

And intra-psychic scenarios indicate the ways in which personal sexual 'turn ons' and imageries grow.

Sexual scripts can be seen as providing guidelines for appropriate sexual behaviour and sexual encounters, as sexual behaviour and encounters are learned through culture and others in interactions.

The idea of sexual script brings a new metaphor and imagery for understanding human sexual activity as social and learned interactions. Gagnon and William Simon in their 1973 book Sexual Conduct.

The idea highlights three levels of scripting: cultural/historical, social/interactive and personal/intrapsychic.

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