Define dating scripts

Whereas human sexuality is usually seen as the province of the biologist and the clinician, scripting helps research and analysis to understand sexualities as less biological and more cultural, historical and social.

Sexuality covers gender identity, sexual orientation, and actual practices, as well as one's acceptance of these aspects of one's personality, which may be more important than their specifics." A sexual norm can be an individual or a social norm, which is a rule that is socially enforced. Social norms regarding sexuality are present in most cultures.

Sexual script theory and its application in clinical practice are founded on the undeniable reality that the subjective understandings of each person about his or her sexuality (and called a sexual script) substantively determine that person's choice of sexual actions and the subsequent qualitative experiencing of those sexual acts. They dictate what one should be doing at a particular time and in a particular place if one is to play the role characteristically associated with that script.

There may be several people involved in the same situation, but they may differ in the roles that they have been given or have chosen to enact.

There is a tendency in Western countries toward serial monogamy as a normal heterosexual lifestyle.

Sociologists believe that emotion emerges in relation to dominant sexual scripts and sexual identity.

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