Fake interoffice dating

I know this is a touchy subject to discuss, especially what I am going to write about.

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As we remember, even though these accused young men were typical party college kids that weren't 'Saints', not only were they found not guilty but it was proven that the accuser made up the story and that she even recanted the made-up story.

Preparing for his case, the research I found regarding the volume of men that are falsely accused of Sexual Harassment was shocking.

Even the liberal Chicago Tribune has documented the problem of false accusations of Sexual Harassment against men and how it literally ruins mens lives.

Luckily these young men had parents that could afford good attorneys.

But think of the men who are stuck with some terrible underpaid and overworked Public Defender and are convicted because as in the Duke Case, men are presumed guilty just off of an accusation and have to prove their innocence.

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