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Even if you are in the military yourself and want to find someone likeminded, you won’t bump into every woman in the military at work, so the online dating thing ups your chances drastically.

No matter which branch of the armed forces you serve in, the job you do should be no barrier in finding true love.

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Then the next question becomes ‘how to meet military men’?Besides, there’s something fun about getting to know someone online before you meet them in real life.It adds a bit of a “masquerade ball” feel - you get to know their personality before you get to see their face (other than in photos, of course).Came with several outfits and filled the brief perfectly.Her communication was at all times excellent, she arrived early, very well prepared, looked fabulous, gave 150% effort on the shoot, had her own contributions to make to it and above all is a lovley lady.

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