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The government funded several NGOs and international organizations for sheltering and care of victims; two of the Czech Republic’s principal organizations provided shelter to 68 trafficking victims in 2004.

The Ministry of Interior is currently collaborating with IOM to produce a demand-reduction campaign targeting clients of commercial sex outlets along the Czech-German border area.

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Internal trafficking occurs from low employment areas to Prague and regions bordering Germany and Austria.The Czech Government continued to improve trafficking protection and assistance over the last year.In November 2004, the Model of Support and Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons was expanded to a permanent, government-funded program that is open to all foreign and Czech victims.While enforcement statistics improved during the reporting period, sentences imposed on traffickers remained low.The Czech police increased its capacity to investigate and convict traffickers over the reporting period, although the overall numbers of cases prosecuted pursuant to anti-trafficking legislation remained low and sentences imposed remained weak.

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