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She acknowledged that her actions may have been misunderstood as a cry for attention, but insisted: 'I didn't choose my public life, but it did give me this platform.

A platform that helps make body politics newsworthy.

I never made it to being a Girl Scout, but I was a Brownie for about two years. As it turns out, there are even more vegan Girl Scout cookie varieties than there are gluten-free flavors.

And, like many of us who dabbled in something Girl Scout-related, I was in it for the cookies. Peddling Girl Scout cookies was one of my first lessons in the efficacy of using adorableness to my financial benefit . The only gluten-free Girl Scout cookie flavors are Toffee-Tastic and Trios, which, sadly, are not also vegan.

And so many of our heroes solve problems through killing and violence.

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