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Simcard recovery application provides easy and safe user friendly graphical user interface GUI and recover allo… PC software that enables you to call your PC remotely from any cell phone or telephone, and hear the information you need.You just dial a private 10-digit phone number assigned to PAL (your own PC).Includes criminal court files, divorce cases, financial judgments, child support rulings, general lawsuits, criminal code offenses, sex offences, driving offences, DUI records, fraud charges and much moreo…or SMS messages are quickly sent to to alphanumeric pagers, and/or cell phones from an easy to use Windows program.Note Pager is elegant in design and inexpensive in price.In addition each record has a field for phone number, fax number, cell phone number, e-mail…to USB cable connected Black Berry device.Features: view the records of your database tables in a grid form or even single record form.Unlike other programs of this type, CT Messenger uses software DSP algorithms for detecting the type of response (busy, no answer… Navigator provides mobile phone-PC data synchronization for comfort and advanced management.It's like your own contacts database that has handy R-RW device.

If you have a modem, it can dial phone numbers specified in the contact record.All done automatically in shortest time possible (depending of computer speed…principle of action bases on WEB-camera real time survey and record video or snapshots when will be any movement.Visual motion indicator will help set sensitivity level. Calls by any modem, mobile phones, Skype, emails, play sound and etc.This proprietary searching software crawls numerous records sources to match any cell phone/unlisted number to the registered owner's name & address.Just enter the number you'd like to investigate in the search box, hit "search", and then the initial results willo…lists Present your "boards" in a digital slideshow with one click.

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