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The app: Kindu i OS: Free Android: Free Kindu is the perfect app for when you're at that point in a relationship where you're ready to take things to the next level in the bedroom, but are still too shy to flat-out suggest specific kinks and fantasies face to face.It allows you to each sort through thousands of activities individually, rate your level of interest (you can also slyly float your specific ideas by dropping them in anonymously), then find out where you share common ground without fear of rejection or judgment.For women, they help to heighten sensation during sex, but men should be doing them too, to improve the strength of their erections and prevent premature ejaculation issues.This app is exactly what it sounds like -- a trainer that reminds you when it's time to do your quick daily kegel workout, and counts you through it.

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You’ll receive a whole list of potential suitors every day, then you can swipe right or left. Revealr Revealr utilizes not only words and photos to help you get acquainted with someone, but also audio.It’s very similar in Tinder in seeking people to hookup.However requests and photos are only available to those with matching search criteria.The app: Bang Fit Works with any phone While you may have already been "working out" with Porn Hub for years, the hugely popular porn site actually built an entire sex-based workout app that functions much like a Fitbit... The gamified sexercise program (which currently offers only hetero options) is designed for one, two, or three players, and involves attaching the phone to one's hips with a special Bang Fit Band, then following the motions on a computer screen, syncing your movement with those in the video in order to earn points.The app: Kegel Trainer (for dudes and ladies) i OS: Free Android: Free Think kegel exercises are just for women? The rhythmic clenching and unclenching of your pelvic floor muscles (they're the ones you use to stop peeing mid-stream) can help us all enjoy sex more.

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