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once I pay off my debt from school/my car/house/etc,etc…

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“I wish I had the courage to do what you do.” “I wish I could just pick up and leave everything behind.” “Well…

the adventures I have had from the people I have met on Tinder!

I have climbed some of San Francisco’s greatest, most hidden peaks, with Tinder matches, places I never would have known to go to unless these people had showed me.

I have spent the past four years since finishing high school flying across the world, with almost nothing in my pocket, and I have always made it. From a Schoolies trip in Bali, that I spent mostly blind drunk or hungover by a pool, to eating sushi in Kyoto, from running through the streets of Melbourne, comparing the cities vibrant air to No Cals San Francisco, to spending a miserable winter in Vancouver, and now a magical winter throughout Europe.

I have always left Australia with a ridiculously low amount of money, and most importantly, a fire in my heart, to make my way through this Earth, creating my life to what I want it to be as I go.

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    Heading for a date night at popular restaurant Delilah, the duo were sartorially in sync.

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    EHarmony does not match same-sex couples, but in February 2010, celebrated Telluride's Gay Ski Week.