Gay men online dating service

We introduce you to guys that are open to the dating and experimentation process and encourage friendship.

This improves the chances of a relationship oriented experience.

The assessment process puts into framework an easy to understand introduction and character analysis which delves deeply into personalities and lifestyles. We present you qualified, suitable, pre-screened men, all of whom we are confident will meet your high standards.

Hand Selected - with the use of our strong intuition, experience, background in the psychology of men and combined knowledge of m4m-specific relationships - we find our candid, personable yet straight forward approach to be proven many times over. We are here to help you as your relationship head hunter.

We are the leading progressive matchmaking service, with a unique focus on m4m chemistry and statistics that equal real results.

Unlike dating sites there are no robots employed here.

Say hello to genuine, relationship seekers in your community.

Request A Free Consultation Our interviews and observations work for you.

They reveal the quirks that are exclusive to guys and the varying traits that separate straight men from gay men.

Experience a revolutionary system that works exclusively for gay men. We like to describe Gayquation as a vibrant, eye popping journey of an intersection of fun, men and exploration.

Customized and personal attention from real m4m matchmakers. A smart risk and an investment in yourself and your love and social life. An appropriate mix is offered to you from all walks of life and creativity, the men we meet range in careers from professors to construction, architecture to electronics, artists to touch therapy, sales to doctors, senior level to lower level positions to fashion and television and many more...

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