Givme wine chasing women sagas of middle age dating

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Author: Kelsey Hoppe Publisher: Create Space ISBN: 9781495961465 Size: 54.69 MB Format: PDF, e Pub, Docs View: 3777 Download Read Online And more importantly does that work make a difference?

Book Description I’ve proudly got my yearly goals hanging on the ‘frig; numbers 1 through 10.

Don’t forget their eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, lingering childhood traumas, live in parents, substance abuse and financial disasters. When you get done with this little book, have a glass of wine and give her a call.

We’ve got to take life and mid-life dating with a great gulp of humor and a “there’s a someone out there for me” attitude.

Hardly; I am caught in this female vortex, with no way out.

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