Great opening email for online dating

Because emailing a man is nothing more than starting a conversation, you may think, "Why not?

That email did not give out any irrelevant information about Sally (that would raise a red flag in John’s mind).I have known Sally for almost 10 years and she does not fit into one of those categories.Sally is relatively new to online dating and doesn’t realize that there is an unwritten code of conduct when it comes to writing emails.She could have asked him where he plans on traveling this year since he told her that he loves to travel internationally.In the end, I took a look at her guided communication with John and created a sample email that she SHOULD have sent him in the first place: “Hey John ! So tell me a bit more about your love for cooking….what’s your favorite cooking style? I don’t cook as often as I like to due to my sometimes hectic work schedule, but when I do I love to make the same pasta dishes that my Grandmother brought here from the old country. I just got back from Hawaii a few months ago (for work).

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