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Most recently, tackled similar territory, with Michelle Pfeiffer’s character getting hit with coma-inducing drugs by her murderous husband Harrison Ford.To have to sit there and listen while those planning your murder do so without hindrances—certainly this is a topic for Hitchcock, or even Robert Zemeckis, but not helmer Joby Harold, who muddles his concept by reducing it to an out-of-body experience.And yet, there are others where he remains restricted to his body, yelling for someone to notice his consciousness.has its moments, almost exclusively during those initial operating room scenes.This movie’s gimmick is how “anesthetic awareness” helps the main character realize that his heart transplant surgery is part of a con to get his money, that he’s supposed to die, and there’s nothing he can do about it.Such consciousness rarely occurs in real life, but when it does, results are traumatic.

The distributors of this thriller about 'anaesthetic awareness' (a rare phenomena whereby you're conscious yet paralysed during surgery) are keen to warn audiences it might not be the perfect night out for anyone about to hop on to the operating table.called “Breakdown”, one of the few Hitch directed himself.In that episode, detached businessman Joseph Cotten finds himself completely paralyzed from a car accident.Clay (Christensen) has done a sterling job running the family property empire after Dad's sad - and mysterious - death 15 years earlier.He's got a lovely fiancée, Sam (Jessica Alba), and a devoted mother, Lillith (Lena Olin), although the latter is so clingy he doesn't dare introduce them properly.

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