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Actually, it's ideal: a treat of unintentional hilarity - deliriously absurd, iffily acted, with final scenes so funny they could be repackaged as laughing gas.

That it might give anyone the heebie-jeebies about going under the knife seems highly optimistic: your suspension of disbelief is junked the moment toddler-faced Hayden Christensen is introduced as a bilingual businessman who owns half of Manhattan.

Meanwhile, his fiancée Sam (Jessica Alba) lays down pressure to set a date for the wedding; he’s afraid to even introduce her to his mother (Lena Olin), since Sam is his personal assistant. Jack Harper (Terrence Howard) to prepare for the upcoming surgery—who knows when that’ll be, however, as Clay is O-positive, and there’s no surplus on hearts. If he doesn’t get a heart, he dies; if he does get a heart, most transplant patients die within ten years.

This is the same doctor that saved Clay from his original heart attack (and also the same doctor that admits he has four malpractice suits against him). The doctor prescribes a sudden marriage, no matter the motherly consequences. But wait, Clay thinks, why can I still hear, but more importantly everything these doctors are doing.

Son and mum clash, too, over the choice of surgeon for Clay's impending heart transplant op.

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To have to sit there and listen while those planning your murder do so without hindrances—certainly this is a topic for Hitchcock, or even Robert Zemeckis, but not helmer Joby Harold, who muddles his concept by reducing it to an out-of-body experience.But writer/director Joby Harold neglects to milk the full horror of his situation. ' - this last one after an assistant surgeon says: 'So, we're gonna kill this guy then go get a couple of Martinis.' Yes, not content with just the one big plot gimmick, Harold throws all manner of twists and turns, red herrings and false bottoms into the mix.Rather, we have Christensen's voiceover flatly giving us his thoughts as he lays prostate: 'Am I supposed to be feeling that? The results look like something cooked up in Frankestein's lab, but this is fab escapism all the same.He’s on the verge of closing The Big Deal, but everyone’s more concerned about his health.You see, Clay has massive heart problems, which the film uses as a silly metaphor for a bad childhood.

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