Hearing impared dating

Babies and young children typically wear the hearing aids that fit behind the ear.

Your child's doctor can refer you to an audiologist, or you can search for one at the American Academy of Audiology's website.

New technologies are making it possible for more hearing-impaired students to attend school and participate in activities with their hearing peers.

Students with hearing impairments may: Kids and teens with hearing impairments may be self-conscious about their condition, especially around classmates.

If your baby has recurrent ear infections or middle ear fluid, his doctor may recommend a hearing test. National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management.

She may also recommend inserting tubes into your baby's eardrums so that any fluid that accumulates behind them will be able to drain out and the ears remain ventilated.

Some students may use hearing aids, which come in various forms that fit inside or behind the ear.

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that bypass the damaged inner ear and send signals directly to the auditory nerve.

Hearing loss can also be caused by fluid retained in the middle ear – after infection or because of poor ventilation of the ear.

There are two types of hearing loss – congenital (meaning the baby was born with it) and acquired (meaning the baby lost hearing sometime after birth).

Sometimes hearing impairment is inherited – even if both parents have normal hearing.

If your baby wasn't screened in the hospital, ask the doctor about checking his hearing as soon as possible – within the first month. Parents and caregivers are often the first to notice when a baby's not hearing well, so take note if your baby isn't reacting to sounds as you think he should, and tell the doctor right away.

Here are some guidelines for what to expect in a child with normal hearing: Learn more about warning signs of hearing problems.

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