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In fact, children with only mild hearing loss are ten times as likely to be held back a grade than children with normal hearing.The sooner a child with a hearing problem is diagnosed and gets individualized language training, hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other treatment, the more likely he is to meet developmental speech and language milestones, says Alison Grimes, audiologist and assistant clinical professor at UCLA Medical Center.Check with a special education teacher, speech–language pathologist, or school nurse to see if any assistive hearing devices or other technology might be helpful. (Babies who need to enter the neonatal intensive care unit have a higher risk of hearing loss.) And because children rely on their hearing to learn from the very beginning, it's crucial to identify and remedy problems as early as possible.If your baby has recurrent ear infections or middle ear fluid, his doctor may recommend a hearing test. National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management. She may also recommend inserting tubes into your baby's eardrums so that any fluid that accumulates behind them will be able to drain out and the ears remain ventilated.

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Hearing loss can also be caused by fluid retained in the middle ear – after infection or because of poor ventilation of the ear. Other times a baby's hearing is damaged because his mother had a viral infection during pregnancy, such as German measles (rubella), toxoplasmosis, or herpes.Some children are born with impaired hearing because of low birth weight or premature birth, or abnormal inner ear development. After birth, a child may suffer hearing loss when the nerves in his inner ear are damaged by an injury, a tumor, or an infection such as chicken pox, the flu, meningitis, or mononucleosis.Consider arranging chairs in your classroom in a circle so your hearing-impaired students can interact with classmates. Try not to turn your back and speak while writing on a board.Remember: Many hearing-impaired students are visual learners.

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