Homestuck dating tumblr

He held his breath in and waited for the to die down. Aradia gave a pat on Karkat's back and she gave him a thumbs up. Nepeta's footsteps were heard running towards the contestant. Karkat stood up and waited for Nepeta's instruction."Ok, both of you, turn around!

For one, props to you for cosplaying Problem Sleuth- I’ve only met one other Problem Sleuth cosplayer, and that was at a major conventions. Just exercise resonalbe precaution and everything should go swell! I'm going to my first con this weekend cosplaying Roxy. Because he/she can handle herself/himself alone" Nepeta scurried back to Karkat and says that the last question shall be asked. So, in this fanfic, Karkat plays Nepeta's Date Game and ends up choosing Contestant #2. The paper was given and she read it."Contestant #3 says no one. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL AM I GOING TO LET YOU PAIR ME UP WITH A GUY! " Nepeta wiggled her tail as she waited for the troll's answer. She smiled and nodded at Karkat."Contestant #1, what is your favorite color?

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