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Many have done away with book review sections entirely.Meanwhile, publishers release more and more books each year. The math here doesn’t work out in the author’s favor.For all the energy Allen devotes to sitting on planes or knocking on doors, he learns no greater truth than that a “boy whom you spend less than 30 days a year with is not your son.Not in the same way as a boy you have tucked in every single night of his life”.It threatens not only his job and his hard-earned standing in the community, but also comes close to destroying the new family he fathered after abandoning the seven-year-old Danny and his neurotic, unreliable mother.“The more my son became a villain to others, the more he would become a cause to me,” he claims.

Is his son’s apparent guilt a case of mistaken identity?Danny comes eerily to life as his father’s story unfolds.Like all proper political killers, he gives himself a third name, transforming from bland Daniel Allen into the folksy, mythical Carter Allen Cash.The mother of a 21 year old boy wrote of her paralysis in the face of her son’s destructive drift. Before his initial shock even wears off, he sets out to prove his son’s innocence.This is a book about what it’s like to lose someone close to you, to see them vanish right before your eyes, all the while ignoring your outstretched hand. It is a daunting task, given that the crime took place as the cameras rolled in a crowded California auditorium.

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