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Other People’s Weddings received (I seem to remember) a total of one (1) review in a national newspaper. As artists we all want to be judged on the merits of our work, and yet these days the biggest disappointment an author endures is not an avalanche of bad reviews, it’s silence.

Instead of being judged (on our merits or by any other criteria) we are simply being ignored.

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Most of them from readers with adult children, often writing openly of their own torment and heartbreak about the path their kids have taken. Echoes of De Lillo The Good Father by Noah Hawley A gripping novel, with echoes of Don De Lillo, about a father’s reaction to his son’s act of homicide If it is every parent’s nightmare to watch helplessly as a child goes bad, then Paul Allen, the anguished narrator of Noah ­Hawley’s gripping new novel, is living that nightmare in front of millions of spectators.

The mother of a 21 year old boy wrote of her paralysis in the face of her son’s destructive drift. Before his initial shock even wears off, he sets out to prove his son’s innocence.

This is a book about what it’s like to lose someone close to you, to see them vanish right before your eyes, all the while ignoring your outstretched hand. It is a daunting task, given that the crime took place as the cameras rolled in a crowded California auditorium.

“They say nature abhors a vacuum,” Allen thinks as the media closes in on him, “but CNN hates it more.” The nation’s ­continuing fascination with lethal madness is memorably symbolised when Danny, aged 19, finds himself caught in a tornado as he wanders Iowa in search of answers to his growing confusion.

“He saw his first funnel cloud on July 16, God’s evil finger reaching down and stirring up the American anthill.” Not long after, he learns how to fire a gun.

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