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As more black and biracial women become the objects of affection with the men white women feel the most entitled to, the uglier this all will get. This is what happens when you challenge the status quo.

Black women have often acted in the service of black men to the expense of themselves.

Is anyone surprised that racist white women who have been told their whole lives that they are the pinnacle of femininity and beauty are having a problem with a biracial woman with a black mother is marrying into royalty? Bet the 25-year-old homewrecker who convinced UK Independence Party member Henry Bolton to leave his wife and children didn’t expect the backlash she would get after sending racist texts about how Meghan Markle is going to pollute royal blood with her “ugly” black genes.

Here’s the text exchange that got her rightfully suspended…Meanwhile, she’s looking like this…And Markle is looking so…And Jo, when your man looks like this…And that “ugly” black woman’s man looks like this…It all makes sense.

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