Introductory dating email

It’s all about quality, not quantity – a simple lesson that’s apparently easy to forget in the sales (and dating) world.

That’s why accurate intelligence on your prospects is key – for business or pleasure – it gives you insight into who’s currently the best match, how to actually get ahold of them … Sure, there are a few prospects you might deem as a perfect fit for whatever you sell, but unless their names are Google and Apple and they already have the checkbook out, you’re going to be in a bad situation at the end of month.

(Hopefully you haven’t dated them.) That narcissistic attitude isn’t doing anyone any favors, but salespeople make this mistake all the time. Ask prospects questions about these struggles to show genuine care and desire to solve problems while you build a valuable relationship. A great voicemail is key for a call-back: [WEBINAR] Purposeful Voicemails Don’t ghost your prospects.

The product or service might be an award-winning incredible miracle cure … Ghosting broadcasts that you don’t really want to pursue a date – or a sale – with a prospect.

The world is full of cringe-worthy mistakes, missteps, and horror stories.

On the plus side, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from online dating, since sales prospecting is very similar: One person reaches out to the other without knowing them except what they’ve revealed online, and advocates for an agreement that the other might – or might not – accept. The only responses are a generic “I’m good” – or a truthful response about how you didn’t sleep well last night but are having lunch with your co-worker and hope he doesn’t want to eat at that sushi place again…

Thankfully, it’s not a trend that can easily be implemented in the B2B sales world (we hope).

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Narrowing your target audience allows you to build a more accurate profile of their challenges, goals, and commonalities.Getting a response to an introduction like that is almost impossible.Thus, personalized, custom messages using account-based strategy are vital.On average, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting … Make a point to listen, share, and ask questions in order to court relationships through the funnel towards the signing ceremony.Be honest about intentions and take some time to assess whether this will be a mutually beneficial relationship.

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