Kristen stewart and dekota and dating

"We have our own separate relationship with what we do.We've never felt the need to get into it," Dakota said, despite the fact that there have been "scenarios where we've gone to meet the same person." Clearly, Dakota plays it cool, even saying, "It's totally fine …In 2013, Dakota starred opposite Susan Sarandon and Kevin Kline for the Errol Flynn biopic, was a dismal 30 percent, not to mention their less-than-stellar box office returns.All of which means that audiences have yet to connect with Dakota's more meaningful work as they did with the shallow vampire melodrama of which she was only a small part.Dakota claims that she approaches acting as she would with any other profession, which is to say that if she's not interested in it, she wouldn't do it."You can make yourself insane thinking about all the possible outcomes of the what-ifs, the should-ofs …Elle Fanning became Tinsel Town's new darling after starring as Sleeping Beauty, opposite Angelina Jolie, in that it took until adulthood — just barely for Elle, who is 19 at the time of this writing — for them to really connect.But even then, they've managed keep work and private life separate.

According to her January 2018 interview with , it's because she's never actually chased that kind of result.Having said that, you also have to take into consideration the immense fandom of one of Dakota's contemporaries, Jennifer Lawrence, who seems to operate on the other end of that spectrum.Offering a seemingly endless slew of frank and humorous personal anecdotes, the star has permanently endeared her fanbase to the point where it's almost impossible to cruise around the internet without stumbling across a new "Why We Love JLaw This Week" article. "It's been so exciting to branch out and do different things and push myself in a different way, to have new challenges, which directing certainly was," Dakota said, adding, "I definitely hope to do more." We're not sure if that means she's going to drift more permanently behind the scenes, but a peek at her upcoming projects gives us a hint. Though it will be the second film adaptation of a hugely popular novel, the current iteration has languished in so-called "development hell" for years, with Julia Stiles originally attached to it for years only to relinquish the rights after failing to get it off the ground.It's just like an endless, endless hole, and I just …can't," she told the fashion mag, adding, "So all those parts, I never really thought about them as that.

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